eat my shorts

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Popularized by The Simpsons, where Bart Simpson says "Eat my shorts!" as a running gag. Believed to have originated from The Breakfast Club, where Bender throws the same remark at Vernon.


  • IPA(key): /ˈiːt maɪ ˈʃɔːɹts/
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eat my shorts

  1. (idiomatic, chiefly US, vulgar) An irreverent rebuke or dismissal.
    • 1977, James P. Leary, The boys from the dome: folklore of a modern American male group, page 69:
      Notre Dame boys greeted one another with "Eat It" to be answered by "Eat It Raw" or "Eat a Big One" or "Eat My Shorts," sometimes "Eat My Crusty Shorts."
    • 1988, Greg Matthews, The gold flake hydrant, page 232:
      Her eyes are telling me, "Eat my shorts, you precocious little fart." I definitely haven't made a friend.
    • 1996, Douglas Rushkoff, Media virus!: hidden agendas in popular culture, page 186:
      For instance, Bart often expresses his irreverence toward authority on "The Simpsons" by exclaiming "Eat my shorts."