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Etymology 1[edit]


ecky ‎(uncountable)

  1. (slang) The drug ecstasy.
    • 1997, Barry Graham, Before: A Novel, page 45:
      Afterwards, Tom wanted to drive home. Francoise said he was in no state to. Tom said that he always drove home from clubs, and that the ecky wouldn't impair his driving.
    • 2008, Irvine Welsh, The Acid House, ISBN 1407019376:
      Penman and I have taken half an ecky each, but mair coke would be sound.

Etymology 2[edit]

From economy.



  1. (Can we verify(+) this sense?) (slang) Mass-produced and made to be affordable, with no regards to quality or craftsmanship.
    Those shoes from the discount store are really ecky.
    • 2011 September 2, “VIDEO: Will The Glades' Jim and Callie Survive a Standoff?”, in TV Guide:
      Maybe they need to shoot more sense into Callie's head. The writing is getting pretty ecky!
    • 2014 December 28, Stivi Cooke, “Central coastal Vietnam's bars rated No. 2 in the world”, in Tuoitrenews:
      Even our downmarket cantinas display more engrossing, captivating and enthralling merrymaking than either the tired and jaded northern bars or the brash, ecky bars of the south.