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eco- +‎ critic


ecocritic (plural ecocritics)

  1. One who is involved in the field of ecocriticism.
    • 2000, Betty Harris Day, William A Wortman, Literature in English: a guide for librarians in the digital age
      In fact, any written work or artifact that in any way shows humankind's relationship to the natural world is likely to catch the attention of the ecocritic.
    • 2003, Andrew McMurry, Environmental renaissance: Emerson, Thoreau, and the systems of nature
      So ecocritics continue to seek the solution to the solution by reference to nature. They steer with nature as their compass.
    • 2004, Greg Garrard, Ecocriticism
      However, the emphasis on the moral and political orientation of the ecocritic and the broad specification of the field of study are essential.