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eco- +‎ criticism


ecocriticism (uncountable)

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  1. The interdisciplinary study of literature and ecology.
    • 1998, Patrick D Murphy, Terry Gifford, Katsunori Yamazato, Literature of nature: an international sourcebook
      A chapter on North Woods writers is an ideal project in which to engage the fundamental issues of ecocriticism.
    • 2003, Roger Thompson, J Scott Bryson, Twentieth-century American nature writers: prose
      The emergence of ecocriticism as a distinct field of inquiry parallels the reemergence of literary critic as cultural activist []
    • 2007, Fiona Becket, Terry Gifford, Culture, creativity and environment: new environmentalist criticism
      In this light, the current volume is a work of ecocriticism, although not all the contributors would wish to define themselves first and foremost as ecocritics.

Derived terms[edit]