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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of e- +‎ address



  1. An electronic address; in particular, an e-mail address.
    • 2000: They've been dropping electronic tracts on anyone they can get an eddress for. —Ian Douglas, Europa Strike [1]
    • 2001: The extraordinary growth of the global Internet makes it essential to have more addresses (or “eddresses”) available to accommodate everyone who will be on the Internet in just a few years. IPv4 allowed for 4 billion eddresses—but there are 6 billion people, and many more computers, appliances, vehicles, and other devices that will soon be assigned IP eddresses as well! —Joan Van Tassel, Digital TV Over Broadband [2]
    • 2002, Alex Epstein, Crafty Screenwriting[3]:
      The Wine Dark Sea
      by Alex Epstein
      [my address]
      [my phone number]
    • 2004: In college I use my eddress more then [sic] my regular address. —Concise Collection of College Students' Slang, ed. Xin-An Lu, s.v. eddress.