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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of education +‎ babble


edu-babble (uncountable)

  1. (education, pejorative) jargon on educational topics.
    • 1992 November 17, “Schoolspeak”, in St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
      Already notorious for edubabble, officials may have hit new depths with a four-page progress report used by the St. Louis public schools.
    • 1998, Andy Hargreaves, International Handbook of Educational Change, page 412:
      Overwhelmed teachers yearn to escape the edu-babble of conflicting and unworkable policy directives
    • 2009, Gwendolyn Green, Edu-Babble: The Glamorous World of the New York City Public School System, page 3:
      These terms, this way of talking, is what we like to refer to as “Edu-babble.” Orwell liked to call it doublespeak. Edu-babble is just that, with some hip catchphrases attached. And by hip I mean impractical.