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Alternative forms[edit]


From Eiropa (Europe) +‎ -isks; the change of a to e shows that this word follows the pattern found in other European languages (compare German Europa, europäisch, Russian Европа (Evrópa), европеец (evropéjets)), i.e. it was probably borrowed and adapted rather than derived.




eiropeisks (definite eiropeiskais, comparative eiropeiskāks, superlative viseiropeiskākais, adverb eiropeiski)

  1. European (relating to Europe and its peoples)
    kas ir eiropeisks Eiropas literatūra?what is European in the literature of Europe?
    nacionālā identitāte Latvijā un eiropeiskā identitātenational identity in Latvia and European identity
    eiropeiskās vērtības jātur ne prātos, bet sirdīsthe European values should be kept not in the minds, but in the hearts (of people)

Usage notes[edit]

English “European” as an attributive adjective usually corresponds in Latvian to Eiropas, the genitive singular form of Eiropa, or to eiropiešu, the genitive plural form of eiropietis. The adjective eiropeisks or eiropejisks is commonly used as a predicate (“this is European”), or in its adverbial form eiropeiski or eiropejiski.


Derived terms[edit]

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