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Blend of electrocution +‎ executioner, or electrocution +‎ -er


  • Hyphenation: e‧lec‧tro‧cu‧tion‧er


electrocutioner (plural electrocutioners)

  1. an executioner who carries out an execution by means of electricity
    • U.S. Supreme Court: STATE OF LA. EX REL. FRANCIS v. RESWEBER, 329 U.S. 459 (1947) 329 U.S. 459 STATE OF LOUISIANA ex rel. FRANCIS v. RESWEBER, sheriff, et al. No. 142.
      'Then the electrocutioner turned on the switch and when he did Willie Francis' lips puffed out and he groaned and jumped so that the chair came off the floor. Apparently the switch was turned on twice and then the condemned man yelled: 'Take it off. Let me breath." Affidavit of official witness Harold Resweber, dated May 23, 1946.

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