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electron +‎ -o- +‎ -gram


electronogram (plural electronograms)

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    • 1961, Daniil Vasilʹevich Ignatov, ‎R. D. Shamgunova, Mechanism of the Oxidation of Nickel and Chromium Alloys (page 14)
      Therefore, it is most often the practice to determine the instrument constant by taking the electronogram of the sample for a short period of time (a second or less) after obtaining electronograms by reflection []
    • 2013, V. A. Bely, ‎A. I. Sviridenok, ‎M. I. Petrokovets, Friction and Wear in Polymer-Based Materials (page 196)
      [] electron microscopy is of limited application for polymers due to possible changes in the structure of the material when an electron beam acts on it, and also due to the smearing of reflexes in the polymer electronograms.