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end-to-end (not comparable)

  1. (of a collection of items) Arranged such that each end of a given item is adjacent to one end of a different item.
    We laid a long end-to-end row of bricks.
  2. From one end to the other.
    The end-to-end trip takes about forty minutes.
    End-to-end encryption involves uninterrupted protection of data traveling between two communicating parties.
    • 2020 April 8, Howard Johnston, “East-ended? When the ECML was at risk”, in Rail, page 67:
      End-to-end journey times could be double that of lorries on the expanding motorway network, and it was more difficult than ever to path trains between fast passenger services.
    • 2021 January 24, Alex Hern, “WhatsApp loses millions of users after terms update”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Telegram, however, only turns on end-to-end encryption for “secret chats”, an option that users must actively select for each individual contact. Such chats “are meant for people who want more secrecy than the average fella”, the service explains in an FAQ.
  3. (soccer) Smoothly alternating between attacking and defensive plays.
    • 2011 February 1, Saj Chowdhury, “Sunderland 2 - 4 Chelsea”, in BBC[2]:
      But rather than the end-to-end action of the first half, much of the entertainment took place in the Sunderland third.