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Alternative forms[edit]


endorse +‎ -ation.


endorsation (plural endorsations)

  1. (Canada) An endorsement.
    • 1868, Governor General of Canada, Order-in-Council
      Every Endorsation of the examination of any permit shall be made on the back thereof, and every permit shall be defaced by writing the word " Cancelled " across the face of it on the expiration of the period for which it has been granted.
    • 1876, Rev. John William Jones, Prison Life of Rev. Geo. W. Nelson
      As an alumnus of the University of Virginia, a gallant Confederate soldier, and since the war a devoted, useful minister of the gospel, Mr. Nelson is widely known and needs no endorsation from us.
    • 1894, Thomas Edison, Introduction to Edison's Invention of the Kineto-Phonograph (Century Magazine)
      The following article which gives an able and reliable account of the invention has my entire endorsation.
    • 1908, The Scottish Law Reporter (Vol. 45)
      The only peculiarities of deposit-receipts consist in the consideration of how far endorsation of the deposit-receipt is equivalent to the money alleged to be donated.
    • 1952, Journals of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada (Vol. 94)
      Endorsation of the policy followed is a matter to be determined by the Executive