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Alternative forms[edit]


endorse +‎ -ment


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endorsement (countable and uncountable, plural endorsements)

  1. The act or quality of endorsing
    The association announced its endorsement of the policy.
    The bank required that cheque endorsement be witnessed by a cashier.
    Companies sometimes pay millions for product endorsement by celebrities.
    • 2019 July 15, Greg Afinogenov, “The Jewish Case for Open Borders”, in Jewish Currents[1], number Summer 2019:
      Rank-and-file progressives don’t usually think of the immigration policies they support—expanding refugee quotas, easing restrictions on some classes of immigrants, and ending family separation—as an endorsement of detention, deportation, and racialized terror.
  2. An amendment or annotation to an insurance contract or other official document (such as a driving licence).
    Mr. Jones paid extra for the flood damage endorsement on his house insurance.
  3. (aviation) An instructor's signed acknowledgement of time practising specific flying skills.
    Once she obtained the endorsement of her night flying hours, Joanna was approved to take the pilot's examination.
  4. (education, certification) Permission to carry out a specific skill or application in a field in which the practitioner already has a general licence.
    Wanted: Accredited teacher with Grade 12 mathematics endorsement.
    To transport gasoline, truckers must have a valid licence and the hazardous materials endorsement.
  5. Sponsorship, in means of money, by a company, business or enterprise.
    After the Olympics, he was hoping to get an endorsement deal.
  6. Support from an important, renowned figure of a media (celebrity, politics, sports, etc.), to get back up.
    I'm not sure whether an endorsement from Donald Trump will help or hurt.

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