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From end +‎ -ward.


endward (comparative more endward, superlative most endward)

  1. Being positioned toward the end; pertaining to the end or rear.
    • 1920, United States. Patent Office, Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office:
      [...] having a top section slidable upon the upper edge of the fire pot and a vertical section movable into contact with the converging side walls of the fire pot at either end on endward movement of the top section.
    • 1960, Titus Evans, Radiation Research Society, Radiation research:
      The deviation of ID for both the sideward and endward cases is qualitatively like that of a slim pencil-shaped [...]

Related terms[edit]


endward (comparative more endward, superlative most endward)

  1. Toward the end; rearward.