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Alternative forms[edit]


From end +‎ work. Compare Middle English andwork; Old English andweorc (cause).


endwork (plural endworks)

  1. Work done on, about, or toward an end; a result; purpose; goal
    • 1987, Proceedings of the 1986 International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources, Madrid, Spain, 18-23 May 1986, Volume 1:
      The following column lists the units of hydrogen energy necessary to produce the same endwork as the fossil fuels.
    • 2005, Peter Pericles Trifonas, Communities of Difference:
      The endwork of such a critical task that freely places blame or adjudicates value for the sake of a castigation or rejection of worth is performed too quickly and easily.
    • 2012, David Carr, ‎Chan-Fai Cheung, Space, Time and Culture:
      This is most explicit in his essay “What is Metaphysics?” in which the metaphysical tradition is shown as culminating in “Nothing,” which is the “end-point of tradition, ”thus marking the “metaphysical endwork of traditional metaphysics” or tradition's terminus point, after which it passes into another beginning.
    • 2014, Theodor W. Adorno, ‎Thomas Mann, Correspondence 1943-1955:
      The 'opposition' is surely right to speak of 'end-works' in this connection – if only its own products were not so hopelessly unengaging and devoid of comedy.