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Old Spanish[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Vulgar Latin *inimīcitātem, accusative singular of *inimīcitās, from Latin inīmicus, based on inimīcitia.



enemiztat f (usually uncountable)

  1. enmity, rivalry
    • c. 1250, Alfonso X, Lapidario, 16r.
      Eſta piedra a grand enemiztad con la otra que dixiemos aq́ dizen abehenic en arauigo ¬ en latin iaſpio uerde ṕo ſon amas duna color.
      This stone has a great enmity with the other we mentioned, which they call abehenic in Arabic and green jasper in Latin, but they are both the same color.
    • Idem, f. 61r.
      Et ſu ṕpriedat es de aborrecer la ſal tanto que bié parece que a entramas grand enemiztat.
      And its property is that it loathes salt so much that it would seem that there is a great enmity between them both.


  • amiztad (friendship, friendliness)

Related terms[edit]