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Etymology 1[edit]

From en (one) +‎ -er.


  • IPA(key): /eːnər/, [ˈeːˀnɐ]


ener c (singular definite eneren, plural indefinite enere)

  1. one of a kind, oner (an extraordinary individual)
  2. loner, lone wolf (one who lacks or avoids company)
  3. one (person or thing that is number one in a system, e.g.bus #1)
  4. first decade in a century
  5. rowing boat for one person, e.g. single scull
  6. (games) A die roll of one.
    Du slog en ener!
    You rolled a one!
    • 2009, Pernille Pind, Matematik for Alle - Håndbog i matematikundervisning, Pernille Pind ISBN 9788792435002, page 300
      Sandsynlighederne for en”enten-eller”-hændelse adderes og sandsynlighederne for en”både-og”-hændelse multipliceres. Med den falske terning er sandsynligheden for at slå en ener eller en sekser P(1 eller 6)=31%+29%=60%.
      The probabilities of an ”either-or”-event are added and the probabilities of a ”both”-event are multiplied. With the fake die, the probability of rolling a one or a six P(1 or 6)=31%+29%=60%.

Etymology 2[edit]

See ene (juniper).


  • IPA(key): /eːnər/, [ˈeːnɐ]


ener c

  1. plural indefinite of ene