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Alternative forms[edit]


From enthrall +‎ -dom.


enthralldom (usually uncountable, plural enthralldoms)

  1. The act of enthralling, or the state of being enthralled; slavery; bondage.
    • 1907, Alfred Emanuel Smith, New Outlook:
      To my mind, those who thus shrink afford thereby but evidences of their psychological enthralldom.
    • 2005, The Novitiate's Preceptor Or Religious and Literary Register for the New Church Part One:
      [] you will often find yourself in a situation that will render it difficult to extricate yourself from its enthraldoms with credit and integrity.
    • 2006, David Shields, Gerald Graff, Black Planet: Facing Race During an NBA Season:
      Voice-over: "Ergo LWP from Nike. Now at Foot Action." It's an amazing commercial, which takes exact aim at, for instance, the method of this book: namely, the irrelevance of "analysis" to grace (what an agony of enthralldom we are in).
  2. Anything that enthralls or subjugates.

Related terms[edit]