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enturbulation (uncountable)

  1. The creation of turbulence between two or more terminals.
  2. The process of enturbulating, of agitating or disturbing.
  3. The opposite of harmonious, cooperative, respectful, calm, serene, disciplined.

Usage notes[edit]

Terminals in this instance are people (or groups of people) who are in communication with each other.

Enturbulation may be a result of unresolved conflicting agendas between the parties or an intentional ploy by one or more of the parties.

Enturbulation may be created by factors external to those in communication. These include parents, peer groups, supervisors, deadlines and/or political actors. Enturbulation may also be caused by those disembodied spirits that Scientology calls Thetans.

"Enturbulation," "Terminals" and "Thetans" are examples of the many words, concepts and re-definitions created by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the new (1952) religion he called Scientology. This jargon was a part of Hubbard's new ecclesiastical combining of faith, personal growth and management technology.

Enturbulation is used almost exclusively by people who have taken Scientology's personal development classes or who self-identify as Scientologists. For example, Congressman and celebrity Sonny Bono used the word in national press conferences prior to his death.

People who question or challenge Scientology are usually considered by Scientologists to be enturbulative.

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