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epistle +‎ -er


epistler (plural epistlers)

  1. A writer of an epistle.
    • 1875, Matthew Arnold, God and the Bible:
      their incorporation would have, probably, quite served to justify the Epistler both in his own eyes and in those of his public.
  2. The ecclesiastic who reads the epistle at the communion service.
    • c. 1503–1512, John Skelton, Ware the Hauke; republished in John Scattergood, editor, John Skelton: The Complete English Poems, 1983, →OCLC, lines 120–124, page 65:
      These be my gospellers,
      These be my pystyllers,
      These be my querysters
      To helpe me to synge,
      My hawkes to mattens rynge!