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Coined by John Macquarrie in his 1960 The Scope of Demythologizing as equi- +‎ primordial, translating Martin Heidegger’s German gleichursprünglich.



equiprimordial (not comparable)

  1. (philosophy) Existing together as equally fundamental ab initio; coöriginal.
    • 1960, John Macquarrie, The Scope of Demythologizing: Bultmann and His Critics (SCM Press), page 213
      If what has been said above on the subject of language and existence has any truth in it, then we must look on the myth as an undifferentiated matrix of meaning. Only later were the various meanings sorted out, but they were all latent in the myth from the beginning. If we may borrow a favourite word of Heidegger, we may say that they are ‘equiprimordial’.

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