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ericaceous (comparative more ericaceous, superlative most ericaceous)

  1. (botany) Of or pertaining to the heath family (Ericaceae).
  2. (especially of a plant) Acid-loving, thriving in acidic conditions.
    Ericaceous plants include camellias, hollies, hydrangeas, and maples as well as members of the Ericaceae.
    • 1975, Joan Lee Faust & Lisa Oldenburg, The New York times book of indoor & outdoor gardening questions, →ISBN:
      Ralph E. Martin, a New Jersey engineer and gardener, concurs that coffee grounds for general garden and lawn use are too acid. He recommends small quantities for ericaceous (acid-loving) ornamentals.
    • 1999, Steve Bradley & Alan Titchmarsh, Ground Force Weekend Workbook, →ISBN, page 103:
      Many people long to grow some of these beautiful ericaceous (acid-loving) plants, but think they can't because they don't have the appropriate soil.
    • 2009, Chris Young, RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design, →ISBN, page 74:
      Soil acidity is important if you want to grow ericaceous (acid-loving) plants such as Pieris, Camellia, or Rhododendron.
  3. acidic, acid-based
    • 2004, John Mason, Nursery Management, →ISBN, page 144:
      Acid-loving plants such as camellias, heathers, azaleas and rhododendrons are best planted in an ericaceous (acid) potting mix.
    • 2009, John Harrison, The Essential Allotment Guide: How to Get the Best out of Your Plot, →ISBN:
      Most fruits like a soil that is slightly acid to neutral 6–7 pH. These moorland plants, however, like an ericaceous (acid) soil with a pH more towards 5.
    • 2013, Simon Akeroyd, Allotment Handbook, →ISBN:
      If your soil is alkaline, simply grow acid-lovers in containers of ericaceous (acid) potting compost.
    Camellias thrive when fed with an ericaceous fertiliser.


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