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See eigne.


esnecy (uncountable)

  1. (Britain, law, obsolete or historical) A prerogative given to the eldest coparcener (or whomever of the coparceners is so entitled by a court) to choose first after an inheritance is divided.
    • 1862, Collectanea Archæologica: Communications Made to the British Archaeological Association, Volume 1, page 43,
      When, in the fourteenth century, the estates of the Corbets were divided amongst their co-heirs, Caus Castle, being of the esnecy of the elder sister, passed to the Barons Stafford.
    • 1925, William Farrer, Honors and Knights' Fees[1], page 261:
      In 1224 Walter de Besebroc and Joan his wife, Richard de Dunuar (or Dunnewer) and Agnes his wife were parceners of land in (Little) Newton, Northants., [] Walter and Joan had the esnecy; the inheritance extended into Rushton and Geddington, Northants.
    • 1971, Calendar of the Patent Rolls, Preserved in the Public Record Office: 1258-1266, Great Britain Public Record Office, page 13,
      [] touching the purparty of Maud of the inheritance of William de Brehusa, father of Maud and Eleanor, whose heirs these are; of which inheritance the said Roger and Maud required esnecy, and thereof there was a plea in the said court [] .