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From espelir.



espelido m (feminine singular espelida, masculine plural espelidos, feminine plural espelidas)

  1. (of a person) ready, prompt, intelligent, skilful
    • 1886, Benito Losada Astray, Soaces d'un vello, A Coruña: Latorre y Martínez Edts., page 207:
      Teño unha rapaza na Ponte da Ulla, que máis espelida non achei ningunha Ela cose, prancha, le, sabe de pruma, espadela, tece e fía por dúas; enforna e peneira, escroucha, debulla, sacha, mux'as vacas e vendim'as uvas
      I have a girl in Ponte da Ulla who is more skilful than any other I've met: she sews, she irons, she reads, she knows about the pen, she scutches, she weaves and spins for two persons; she ovens and sieves, she peels and de-kernels the corn, she hoes, she milks the cows and harvest the grapes
    Synonyms: albelo, aleuto, esperto, vivo
  2. (of a thing) fluffy, puffy



  1. past participle of espelir