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An estrildid (Estrilda astrild)


From Translingual Estrildidae.


estrildid (plural estrildids)

  1. (zoology) Any weaverbird of the family Estrildidae.
    • 1968, Breviora, Issues 280-309, page 50,
      Estrildids and ploceids are clearly different in courtship posture, clutch size, egg coloration, pattern in mouth of the young, and mode of begging of the young.
    • 1996, Gordon L. Maclean, Ecophysiology of Desert Birds[1], page 100:
      Marschall and Prinzinger (1991) subjected five species of estrildids to the following calculation from laboratory measurements under different TA: O2 consumption, CO2 production, RMR, TNZ, conductance and TB.
    • 2008, James L. Goodson, Chapter 1: Nonapeptides and the evolutionary patterning of sociality[2], page 8:
      The estrildids are all monogamous (forming long-term or life-long pair bonds) and exhibit biparental care.


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