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From euthanasia +‎ -an.


euthanasian (plural euthanasians)

  1. A supporter of the legalisation of euthanasia.
    • 1991 Joe Chamberlain, Re: Euthanasia Group: misc.handicap
      And even if you don't, you have *no* right to make it [] easier for the euthanasians to murder those who do.
    • 1996 Jeremy Anderson, Re: 16 YEAR OLD'S VIEWPOINT ON EUTHANASIA [long reply] Group: talk.euthanasia
      The language used by euthanasians can endanger any person.
  2. A euthaniser.
    • 2008 Jerry f, Re: Archie Bunker's voting guide for November 2008. Group: alt.usage.english
      However, possibly euthanasians and executioners have some reason not to use this method.


euthanasian (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to euthanasia.