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From Middle English even-, efen-, from Old English efen- (equal, fellow-, co-), from Proto-Germanic *ebna- (like-, level, equal-, prefix/combining form), from Proto-Germanic *ebnaz (equal, even); same as Old English efen (equal, even, level). More at even. Cognate with Scots evin- (equal-), Old Frisian ivin-, evn- (even-), Old High German eban- (even-).



  1. (rare, dialectal or no longer productive) Prefix occurring mostly in older terms, bearing the meaning of equal-, co-, fellow-, joint-.
    even-bishop, even-christian, even-knight, even-servant, even-sucker
  2. Prefix used chiefly in parasynthetic derivatives with the sense of even.
    even-carriaged, even-edged, even-tempered, even-toed, evenwise
  3. Prefix meaning equally, similarly, same.
    even-clad, even-high, even-right, even-worth, evenmete, evenold
  4. Prefix meaning evenly, straight, direct, according to.
    even-pleached, even-set, even-spun, even-deed, even-down, even-forth

Derived terms[edit]