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Alternative forms[edit]


equal +‎ -ly


  • IPA(key): /ˈiːkwəli/
  • (dialectal, archaic) IPA(key): /ˈiːkəli/[1]
  • (file)


equally (comparative more equally, superlative most equally)

  1. (manner) In an equal manner; in equal shares or proportion; with equal and impartial justice; evenly
    All citizens are equally taxed.
    The pie was divided equally among the guests.
    They shared equally in the spoils.
    • c. 1587–1588, [Christopher Marlowe], Tamburlaine the Great. [] The First Part [], 2nd edition, part 1, London: [] [R. Robinson for] Richard Iones, [], published 1592, →OCLC; reprinted as Tamburlaine the Great (A Scolar Press Facsimile), Menston, Yorkshire, London: Scolar Press, 1973, →ISBN, Act II, scene ii:
      And when their ſcattered armie is ſubdu’d:
      And you march on their ſlaughtered carkaſſes,
      Share equally the gold that bought their liues,
      And liue like Gentlmen in Perſea, []
  2. (degree) In equal degree or extent; just as.
    The gas stations are equally far from the highway.
    • 1897 December (indicated as 1898), Winston Churchill, chapter IV, in The Celebrity: An Episode, New York, N.Y.: The Macmillan Company; London: Macmillan & Co., Ltd., →OCLC, pages 58–59:
      The Celebrity, by arts unknown, induced Mrs. Judge Short and two other ladies to call at Mohair on a certain afternoon when Mr. Cooke was trying a trotter on the track. [] Their example was followed by others at a time when the master of Mohair was superintending in person the docking of some two-year-olds, and equally invisible.
  3. (conjunctive) Used to link two or more coordinate elements
    John suffered setbacks at his job. Equally, Frank's business slowed.

Derived terms[edit]



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