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From even-minded +‎ -ness.


even-mindedness (uncountable)

  1. The state of being calm, stable and composed, especially under stress; equanimity.
    • 1976, Bstan-paʼi-ñi-ma (Panchen Lama IV), Jeffrey Hopkins, Practice and theory of Tibetan Buddhism:
      This is done having first attained even-mindedness towards all sentient beings.
    • 1999, Gen Lamrimpa, B. Alan Wallace, Pauly B. Fitze, Transcending time: the Kālacakra six-session guru yoga:
      In terms of the actual stages of practice, even-mindedness should be cultivated first. Great even-mindedness is cultivated by reflecting upon the lack of inherent existence of friend and foe.
    • 2004, Lorne Ladner, The Lost Art of Compassion:
      Even-mindedness means being free from indifference as well as from attachment and aversion. Even-mindedness means that you can help another person cross the river without becoming attached to that per- son; [...]

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