even keel

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Alternative forms[edit]


From even + keel.


even keel (plural even keels)

  1. (nautical) The situation in which a watercraft is floating or proceeding in a smooth and level manner.
    • 1855, Washington Irving, "The Bermudas" in Woolfert’s Roost and Other Papers:
      [T]he rude winds died away; and gradually a light breeze sprang up directly aft, filling out every sail, and wafting us smoothly along on an even keel.
  2. (idiomatic, of emotions, etc.) The state or characteristic of being under control and balanced.
  3. (idiomatic, of a business or other activity) The state or characteristic of being well controlled and running smoothly.
    • 2010 Dec. 14, Steve Schaefer "Stocks Stable, Best Buy Battered," forbes.com (retrieved 14 Dec 2013):
      Wall Street was on a fairly even keel Tuesday morning but the same could not be said for Best Buy as the company's stock plummeted.

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