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From Latin expostulātiōnem, accusative singular of expostulātiō (complaint, expostulation), from expostulō (demand, expostulate), from ex (out of, from) + postulō (demand or claim). See expostulate.



expostulation (countable and uncountable, plural expostulations)

  1. (countable) The act of reasoning earnestly in order to dissuade or remonstrate.
    • 1851, Herman Melville, Moby Dick, Chapter 4:
      At length, by dint of much wriggling, and loud and incessant expostulations upon the unbecomingness of his hugging a fellow male in that matrimonial sort of style, I succeeded in extracting a grunt ...
  2. (uncountable) A comment of earnest reasoning meant to dissuade or remonstrate.

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