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Alternative forms[edit]


eye +‎ witness


eyewitness (plural eyewitnesses)

  1. Someone who sees an event and can report or testify about it. [from 16th c.]
    • 1915, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Return of Tarzan:
      And the girl's fate he could picture as plainly as though he were an eyewitness to it.
    • 1960 September, “Talking of Trains: Accident at Holmes Chapel”, in Trains Illustrated, page 522:
      The evidence of eyewitnesses and the distance travelled after the initial derailment confirmed that the train was travelling at 45 to 50 m.p.h. as it became derailed.



eyewitness (third-person singular simple present eyewitnesses, present participle eyewitnessing, simple past and past participle eyewitnessed)

  1. To be present at an event, and see it