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Etymology 1[edit]

From Old French ferm, ferme ‎(solid), from Latin firmus ‎(solid, secure), from Proto-Indo-European *dher(ə)-, *dhrē- ‎(to hold).


fèrme m, f

  1. (Jersey) firm

Etymology 2[edit]

From Old French ferme ‎(lease for working, rent, farm), from Medieval Latin ferma, firma ‎(rent, tax, tribute, farm), from Old English feorm ‎(rent, provision, supplies, feast), from Proto-Germanic *firmō, *firhuma- ‎(means of living, subsistence), from *firhu- ‎(life force, body, being), from Proto-Indo-European *perkʷ- ‎(life, force, strength, tree).


fèrme f ‎(plural fèrmes)

  1. (Jersey) farm
Derived terms[edit]
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