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Borrowed from Latin facereFrench faireItalian fareSpanish hacer.



facar (present facas, past facis, future facos, conditional facus, imperative facez)

  1. (transitive, literally and figuratively) to make (a concrete object)
  2. (transitive, literally and figuratively) to do, perform (a certain act)
    Synonym: agar


Derived terms[edit]

  • bonfacanta (beneficient, beneficial)
  • bonfacanto (benefactor)
  • bonfacar (to do good, be a benefactor; to do good to (someone))
  • bonfacema (beneficient, beneficial)
  • bonfacemeso (beneficence)
  • bonfacera (beneficient, beneficial)
  • bonfacero (benefactor)
  • bonfaco (benefaction, good-office, benefit, favor)
  • desfacar (to unmake, undo)
  • facanto (maker, doer)
  • facebla (practicable, feasible)
  • facero (maker, doer)
  • facesar (to be made, performed)
  • facigar (to cause (someone) to make (something); to have (something) done (by someone))
  • faco (making, doing)
  • hemfactia (homemade)
  • malfacar (to act, do wrong, evil, mischief)
  • nefacebla (impracticable)
  • nulfacanta (do-nothing, idle)
  • nulfacema (do-nothing, idle)
  • omnofacanto (factotum)
  • parfacar (to do (something) thoroughly, complete, carry through to the end)
  • rifacar (to do (something) over again, remake)

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