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faction +‎ -ate


factionate (third-person singular simple present factionates, present participle factionating, simple past and past participle factionated)

  1. Synonym of factionalize
    • 1969, Urban Education, page 75:
      However, the Council immediately began to factionate.
    • 1979, United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Armed Services. Subcommittee on Research and Development, Impact of SALT on U.S. Military Research and Development:
      I said I would feel more comfortable with a smaller ICBM on the U.S. side if I could be assured that the Soviet Union would not factionate beyond 10 reentry vehicles.
    • 1986, Leonard Bickman, David L. Weatherford, Evaluating early intervention programs for severely handicapped children and their families, page 320:
      They create situations that allow, even encourage, invidious social comparison, which tends to factionate people who might otherwise engage in fruitful social relationships.


factionate (comparative more factionate, superlative most factionate)

  1. Showing great loyalty to one's faction; tribal.
    • 1993, David Michael Brawn, Immanent domains: ways of living in Bone, Indonesia, page 49:
      They have gained this reputation by being intensely rivalrous and obsessively factionate, however, so the impression that the "placing" litany of questions is primarily incorporative in its intent is, I think, largely erroneous.