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fagdom ‎(uncountable)

  1. (vulgar, slang) The state of being very faggy; condition of possessing stereotypical homosexual behavior
    • 1994, The Advocate, Jan 25, 1994, page 10
      FU always be an advocate for fagdom.
    • 2003, The Advocate, link
      But Matthew educated me in fagdom. He really laid the groundwork for me in terms of getting comfortable with my sexuality, lie introduced me to gay- ness, even though he never identified as homosexual
  2. The state of being a fag (in the page or subordinate sense)
    • 1872, Transatlantic Magazine, page 41
      ...and one may rise from that humble functionary, step by step, and trace fagdom in every real way
    • 1895, Edward Parry Eardley-Wilmot, E. C. Streatfield, Charterhouse, page 64
      Each Upper had his private Fag; but general fagdom consisted of obedience to the demand of every Upper, no matter in whose House he happened to be.
    • John Buchan
      From the anomalous insignificance of fagdom Colin climbed up the School, leaving everywhere a record of honest good-nature.

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