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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Irish fáinne (ring).


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fainne (plural fainnes or fainni)

  1. a pin badge worn to show fluency in, or a willingness to speak, the Irish language.
    • 1966 The Irish answer: an anatomy of modern Ireland. Tony Gray
      In the past, the 'Fainne' got something of a bad name because not all of its wearers were prepared to confine their attempts to converse in Gaelic to fellow-members of the League; some insisted on trying to do all their shopping in Irish...
    • 1996 Presbyterians and the Irish Language By Roger Blaney
      In 1922 he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and the following year became Chief ... that he always wore his fainne (the Irish language badge) at work and that much more Irish than English was spoken in his ...
    • 2005 Feis Na NGleann: A Century of Gaelic Culture in the Antrim Glens - Page 120
      It is a proven fact that pupils from these schools continue to speak Irish among themselves long after leaving the all-Irish environment. As numbers increase, better use of the 'Fainne' would identify these students to each other and to anyone ...
    • http://www.gaelport.com
      The Silver Fáinne is suitable for those who have a basic ability in Irish. The Gold Fáinne indicates that you are a fluent Irish speaker. Now Irish speakers all over the world can purchase a fáinne in our new online shop which can be accessed by clicking on this link or by visiting the shop which is located at the top of this page.