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fair shake (plural fair shakes)

  1. (idiomatic) Reasonable, unbiased treatment; a fair deal.
    Synonyms: fair crack of the whip, fair go, fair shake of the sauce bottle, fair suck of the sav, fair suck of the sauce bottle
    • 1973 Nov. 20, "Army Rejects Plea To Erase 2 Charges On Benedict Arnold," New York Times (retrieved 24 May 2017):
      Raymond J. Williams, the board's executive secretary, told a reporter, "We tried to give the guy [Arnold] a fair shake."
    • 1980 April 14, David Aikman, "In Seattle: Up from Revolution," Time (retrieved 24 May 2017):
      "America is not ideologically racist. Americans are willing to give people a fair shake."
    • 2009 July 16, Christopher McGimpsey, "The absurd quest for a united Ireland," Guardian (UK) (retrieved 24 May 2017):
      The average citizen in the republic wants to go to bed at night and feel that Catholics in Northern Ireland are receiving a fair shake.
    • 2015 May 11, Charlie Gillis, "Inside the daddy wars," Maclean's Magazine (Canada) (retrieved 24 May 2017):
      A vast network of fathers’ groups, labour lawyers, bloggers and social advocates rallied to his cause, forcing a national conversation about whether caregiving fathers were getting a fair shake.

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