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From fantāzija (fantasy) +‎ -isks, probably not coined originally in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from other European languages.


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fantastisks (definite fantastiskais, comparative fantastiskāks, superlative visfantastiskākais, adverb fantastiski)

  1. fantastic (related to fantasy, typical of fantasy; typical of fantasy as a literature genre)
    fantastiska būtnefantastic (= fantasy) being, creature
    fantastisks tēlojumsfantastic (= fantasy-filled) depiction
    zinātniski fantastika litertūrascience fiction (lit. scientifically fantastic) literature
  2. fantastic, wonderful (surprising in a positive way; excellent)
    orālais sekss ir fantastiskākais atklājums pēc Kolumba un Amerikas atklāšanasoral sex is the most fantastic discovery sine Columbus and the discovery of America


Related terms[edit]