fare dodger

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See also: faredodger and fare-dodger


Alternative forms[edit]


fare dodger (plural fare dodgers)

  1. A person who deliberately avoids payment for public transport.
    • 1995, Changes in Society, Crime and Criminal Justice in Europe:
      Police officers and prosecutors were forced to spend sizeable proportions of their capacity on arresting and prosecuting faredodgers.
    • 2001, Andrew Tettenborn, Law of Restitution in England and Ireland:
      The fare-dodger and the gate-crasher do, after all, commit a trespass [...]
    • 2011, "Big Man' who threw alleged fare dodger off train in hit internet video is CHARGED with assault", Daily Mail, 22 December 2011:
      Alan Pollock was hailed as a hero after millions on the internet watched a video of the ‘Big Man’ hauling an alleged fare dodger off a train.


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