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From Middle English *farwurthe, *farewurthe, from Old English *færwyrþe, færewyrðe (having a right to depart, able to go), equivalent to fare (departure) +‎ -worthy.


fareworthy (comparative fareworthier or more fareworthy, superlative fareworthiest or most fareworthy)

  1. Having the right to go as one pleases; free to go; capable of leaving (a place); able to depart (at one's will); unrestrained.
    • 1886, John Wood Warter, Richard Garnett, An old Shropshire oak:
      It constantly happened that the manumitted serf,' said my Talking Friend, 'found his way under the old tree, my father, and he was free and færewyrd — that is to say, free and fareworthy, or with the right to go where he would — [...]
    • 1968, Claudio Véliz, Latin America and the Caribbean: a handbook:
      Thus the service-tenant may be legally 'fareworthy' but if he decides to leave the hacienda, a word from the proprietor will ensure his forced return by the police.