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From far +‎ see. Compare Dutch verziend (farseeing, long-sighted), German fernsehen (to look from afar, watch television).


farsee (third-person singular simple present farsees, present participle farseeing, simple past farsaw, past participle farseen)

  1. To see at or from a distance.
    • 1997, Julian May, Magnificat:
      They set off again, the tall, elegant human and the violet-skinned exotic, too abstracted to farsee the person waiting for them in the shadows a few dozen meters ahead.
    • 2008, Peter F. Hamilton, The Dreaming Void:
      “That's a long way to farsee, even for you.” “The ge-eagle helps,” he admitted. “Cheat!” Edeard laughed.
  2. To see by foresight; see clairvoyantly; view or sense telepathically.
    • 2006, Arthur Goldstuck, The hitchhiker's guide to going mobile:
      As Yoda would put it, if you want to 'farsee' into your future needs, first make sure your homework you have done.

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