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From far +‎ speak.


farspeak (third-person singular simple present farspeaks, present participle farspeaking, simple past farspoke, past participle farspoken)

  1. (science fiction, fantasy) To engage in long-distance communication by magic or telepathy.
    • 1987, Julian May, Intervention, page 169:
      Then the conversation turned to a vexatious old topic: Denis's continuing futile attempts to farspeak other telepaths.
    • 1988, Mercedes Lackey, Arrow's Fall, page 178:
      Talia longed for Kyril's ability to Farspeak; even at this distance she would have been able to get some kind of warning back to the Heralds near the Border.
    • 1991, Margaret Ball, Flameweaver, page 23:
      "Go on back to the City, child," she said, very calmly, "and when you are close enough, farspeak the Council".
    • 1999, Gavriel Kay, Tigana, page 197:
      Unless," he added, leaning forward, lowering his hand to the railing, "you would care to farspeak Chiara and have the King settle this himself?"
    • 2007, Gail Dayton, The Eternal Rose, page 391:
      She tried to farspeak them but couldn't catch enough magic even for that.

Derived terms[edit]


farspeak (uncountable)

  1. (science fiction, fantasy) The use of magic or telepathy to communicate over long distances.
    • 1982, Robert Adams, The Witch Goddess, page 185:
      Alerted by the powerful farspeak of the watching prairiecat, Whitetip, as soon as the Ganiks began filing down the path from the shelf, Bili had all three hundred and twelve of his male and female warriors standing to arms...