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From tele- +‎ -pathy.


  • IPA(key): /tɛˈlɛpəθi/, /təˈlɛpəθi/, /ˈtɛləpæθi/
  • (file)


telepathy (usually uncountable, plural telepathies)

  1. (parapsychology) The capability to communicate directly by psychic means; the sympathetic affection of one mind by the thoughts, feelings, or emotions of another at a distance, without communication through the ordinary channels of sensation.
    • 2013, Gore, Al, The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change[1], New York: Random House, →ISBN, LCCN 2012039890, OCLC 827202765, OL 25879719M, page 239:
      Gerwin Schalk and Anthony Ritaccio, at the Albany Medical Center, are working under a multimillion-dollar grant from the U.S. military to design and develop devices that enable soldiers to communicate telepathically. Although this seems like something out of a science fiction story, the Pentagon believes that these so-called telepathy helmets are sufficiently feasible that it is devoting more than $6 million to the project. The target date for completion of the prototype device is 2017.

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