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A fastigiate Mediterranean cypress


From Latin fastigiatus (peaked), from fastigium (peak).


  • IPA(key): /fæˈstɪdʒ.i.ɪt/


fastigiate (comparative more fastigiate, superlative most fastigiate)

  1. (botany) Erect and parallel
    The branches of this species are fastigiate.
  2. (botany, horticulture) Having closely-bunched erect parallel branches
    This is a fastigiate variety.
  3. (palynology) Characterized by a fastigium, a cavity separating the intexine from the sexine near the endoaperture of a colporate pollen grain.
    The grains are 3-colporate and fastigiate.
  4. (obsolete) Tapering to a point
    • 1662, John Ray, “Itineraries”, in Memorials of John Ray[1], 1846 Ray Society ed. edition, page 148:
      We ascended the top of that noted hill, called Roseberry, or Ounsberry Topping, the top whereof is fastigiate, like a sugar-loaf, and serves for a sea-mark []
Roseberry Topping, a fastigiate hill

Derived terms[edit]


fastigiate (plural fastigiates)

  1. (horticulture) A tree or shrub with erect, parallel branches.
    • 1971, Anne Scott-James and Osbert Lancaster, Down to Earth[2], 2004 ed. edition, →ISBN, page 23:
      An evening spent with a good catalogue or gardening encyclopaedia will reveal an astonishingly wide range of both weepers and fastigiates.




  1. feminine plural of fastigiato