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From father +‎ -dom.


fatherdom (uncountable)

  1. (rare, archaic or regional) the state of being an father; fatherhood
  2. The world, sphere, or unity of fathers; fathers collectively.
    • 1886, John Ferguson McLennan, Studies in ancient history:
      Lastly, religion is represented as fostering the cause of women, chiefly through its mysteries assigning a divine character, as it were, to motherdom as compared with fatherdom.
    • 1906, The Classical Review:
      That the Aeschylean Oresteia turns on the conflict between motherdom and fatherdom is notorious.
    • 1908, Granville Stanley Hall, Edward Bradford Titchener, Karl M. Dallenbach, The American Journal of Psychology:
      Bachofen, the protagonist of the "mother-right" theory in the last century, observed that "motherdom is related to the idea of the day-bearing night, as fatherdom is to light sprung from the union of the sun with mother night."