feeling no pain

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feeling no pain

  1. present participle of feel no pain


feeling no pain

  1. (euphemistic) Drunk.
    • 1978 May 22, "Behavior: Drinking as a Way of Life," Time (retrieved 27 May 2017):
      [H]e tossed back so many stiff highballs that he lost count. Feeling no pain, he proceeded to insult his host, lose control of his bladder, pass out on the floor, and was carried home.
    • 1996 Oct. 19, David Tremayne, "Invitation to world party," Independent (UK) (retrieved 27 May 2017):
      Hill, virtually teetotal and a non-smoker, had by this time availed himself of more than one glass of Schnapps and a chunky cigar, courtesy of Rothmans motorhome manager Karl-Heinz Zimmermann, and was feeling no pain.
    • 2012 Nov. 23, Ron Wadden, "Dear Diary: I feel like an Albertan in my blood," National Post (Canada) (retrieved 27 May 2017):
      By the time I’d had a pint or two at a pub, I was feeling no pain.