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From feely (child) + omi (man).


feely-omi (plural feely-omis)

  1. (Polari) A young male; a boy.
    • 1977, Peter Burton, quoted in: Rictor Norton, A Critique of Social Constructionism and Postmodern Queer Theory, "Queer Language," 16 July 2002, updated 2 July 2011
      As feely homies, when we launched ourselves onto the gay scene, polari was all the rage.
    • 1997, Gardiner, James, Who's a Pretty Boy, Then?, page 123:
      Will you take a varder on the feely-omi in the naf strides?
    • 2005, sam_storyteller, “The Rules Of Torchwood Three, Nicholas Redux: 3 of 4”, in dreamwidth.org[1]:
      O vada mi bona omi, the feely omi, the bona riah, the fantabulosa paliasse and leucoddy.