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Variant of fellow which reflects the reduction of the last vowel to a schwa and its conflation with the endings -er/-ar.[1]


fellar (plural fellars)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of fellow.
    • 2006, J.C. Abbott, Peein' Off The Porch: A Remembrance, ISBN 1412098750, page 104[1]:
      "Don't cry, pore little fellar", she would say.
    • 2008, Aaron Morris, Trout, Tequila, and Time, page 21:
      That little fellar was cute, though.
    • 2011, Byron Douglas, A Journey Through the Life of an Anti-Social, page 59:
      Winston asked, “Where's the little fellar”? “In the nursery”, Jean answered. Winston sat down next to Jean and asked, “Are ya ok”? Jean began to cry [...]