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See Latin femina +‎ -centrism.


feminocentrism (uncountable)

  1. focus on women; a female-centered worldview (sometimes used pejoratively to imply such a focus is misandric)
    • 1994, Constance D. Harsh, Subversive heroines: feminist resolutions of social crisis in the condition-of-England novel
      Feminocentrism and the Road to Female Empowerment At the onset of the riot scene in North and South, Margaret Hale is safely stationed with the Thornton family on the second floor of their home.
    • 2002, Cecilia Reynolds, Women and school leadership: international perspectives, page 152:
      This method of inquiry is more holistic, as it goes beyond criticisms of androcentrism or feminocentrism (the practice of viewing the world and shaping reality from a male lens then, conversely, from a female lens) []
    • 2003, Suzanne Rodin Pucci, James Thompson, Jane Austen and Co: remaking the past in contemporary culture, page 249:
      As Laura Mulvey and many other film theorists have argued, this is a structural position that women rarely occupy in commercial cinema. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the feminocentrism of the novels is cited by several of those involved in the recent productions []


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