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From field +‎ -s- +‎ man.


fieldsman (plural fieldsmen)

  1. (cricket, chiefly Australia, dated in Britain) fielder
    • 2009 March 19, AAP, “India 4-278 at stumps”, in Herald Sun[1]:
      The batsmen took an easy single as the ball approached the fieldsman but Gambhir called for a second on the throw and Franklin uprooted the non-striker's stumps.
    • 1922, Ernest Raymond, Tell England[2]:
      Radley pulled it, as a great laugh went up, to the very spot from which the fieldsman had been removed.
    • 1920, Various, Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, July 14th, 1920[3]:
      I timed it successfully, and had no doubt of having added four to my score, when, to my astonishment, I saw a fieldsman running from the direction of the hedge.
    • 1905, Norman Gale, More Cricket Songs[4]:
      Watch the flying fieldsman, Keen to save the fourer, Gallop past the wooden box Sacred to the scorer!
    • 1873, Various, The World's Greatest Books, Vol VI.[5]:
      William Grey, 1; Samuel Long, 2; James Brown, 3; George and John Simmons, one capital, the other so-so--an uncertain hitter, but a good fieldsman, 5; Joel Brent, excellent, 6; Ben Appleton--here was a little pause, for Ben's abilities at cricket were not completely ascertained, but then he was a good fellow, so full of fun and waggery!